Thursday, October 23, 2014


                 Miño is a small town in Galicia
                 There is a lot of turism in summer here.

                 I like Miño beacause it's a beautiful place.
                 For the tourists there are two beaches.
                 Miño is 25 kilometres from A Coruña.
                 It's about 30 minutes by car and there are trains and  buses. In Miño there's a train station and 
                 bus station.
                 There are flats, detached houses, bungallows...
 Miño is a small town in the north-west of Galicia. It´s got a population about 5000.And, in summer, it´s got a lot of tourism.
 I like Miño because it´s a friendly place. For tourists there are two beaches and a lot of cafes and parks. My favourite place is the Parchís square, it´s a nice and quiet place.
 Miño is about 30Km from A Coruña. It´s about one hour by car.



Miño is a town in the North West (NW) of Galicia. It's got a population of about '5000' and there is a lot of tourism.

I like Miño because it's a friendly and quiet place there are a lot of old buildings and very nice beaches. My favorite place is the woods.

Miño is about 30 kilometeres (km) from '' A Coruña '' It's about an hour by car on the motorway.