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                 Miño is a small town in Galicia
                 There is a lot of turism in summer here.

                 I like Miño beacause it's a beautiful place.
                 For the tourists there are two beaches.
                 Miño is 25 kilometres from A Coruña.
                 It's about 30 minutes by car and there are trains and  buses. In Miño there's a train station and 
                 bus station.
                 There are flats, detached houses, bungallows...
 Miño is a small town in the north-west of Galicia. It´s got a population about 5000.And, in summer, it´s got a lot of tourism.
 I like Miño because it´s a friendly place. For tourists there are two beaches and a lot of cafes and parks. My favourite place is the Parchís square, it´s a nice and quiet place.
 Miño is about 30Km from A Coruña. It´s about one hour by car.



Miño is a town in the North West (NW) of Galicia. It's got a population of about '5000' and there is a lot of tourism.

I like Miño because it's a friendly and quiet place there are a lot of old buildings and very nice beaches. My favorite place is the woods.

Miño is about 30 kilometeres (km) from '' A Coruña '' It's about an hour by car on the motorway. 


Miño is a town in the northwest of Galicia and Galicia is in the northwest of Spain.There is tourims here.
Miño has got two beaches.A Ribeira´s beaches and a big beach. A lot of persons go to the big beach.I like the Rabazal´s park but I preffer a Parchis´s square, because is more beautiful.In summer is always busy to go shopping at the markets.


Miño is a town in the northwest of Spain, in Galicia. It´s got a population of about 5500, but in summer there are more people because it has got a lot of summer residents.
Miño is a beautiful place to visit. There are two beaches in the center of the town council, but in all the municipal council there are two or three more. Also, there are restaurants, cafes, parks, some small shops, social centres, supermarkets... There is a school, a gymnasium...
Miño is about 35km from Coruña. It´s about half hour by car. You can go to Coruña by train and by bus too.

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