Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Friday, March 28, 2014

 My holiday

I am in Africa. I love this place because is more exiting.
My family and me go to watch animals.
 I am writing this email in a tree, because a lion is very angry with me.
There are lions, birs, elephants, crocodiles in rivers... here.
My favourite animal is elephant because is very big and really nice.
My sister is watching a calf of an animal, my dad is walking and my mum is making lunch.
I like Africa.
Bye for now!


                          MY HOLIDAYS

How are you? I´m very good here. It´s fantastic! We´re in Llanes, Asturias. It´s a small apartament, but it´s perfect. Throug the window we can look at the sea and the beach.

Every day, we go to the beach, and we go to new places. The beach is about two minutes. Camila and I, swim while my dad and Isai are in the shore.

Tomorrow we go to Covadonga´s lakes in         


                                                         MY HOLIDAYS

How are you?I´m having a great time on holiday in Germany! We´re staying in the house of my grandmother.My dad loves coming every year:

We get up early every day an we have breakfast in a traditional "Bayrish" sofa.Then I visit my two cousins whit my sister.At one o´clock we all eat in my grandmother´s house.Then we go one minute